The Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission was established to review and carry out periodic redistributions of the boundaries of South Australia’s House of Assembly electoral districts

  • State Election third Saturday of March every 4 years
  • Advertisement to invite written submissions from public s85(1)

Within 24 months

  • The Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (EDBC) commences proceedings – initial hearing s82
  • Specified in advertisement
  • Closing date for written representations

No specified time

  • Further public hearings
  • The EDBC considers all representations, takes evidence, prepares a draft order and advertises the release of the draft order s85(2)(3)(4)

Not less than 1 month from release of draft

  • Closing date for submissions on draft report and order

No specified time

  • Consideration of submissions/discretionary public hearings, finalisation of order

Not more than 6 months after striking district quota (*the relevant date)

  • Report and order published in the Gazette s86(1)

Within 1 month

  • Appeal(s) to Supreme Court s86(2)
  • Hearing/determination of appeal(s) s86(9) - as soon as practicable

An ‘order' becomes ‘operative' three months after the publication of the final order in the Gazette [or three months after the determination date of any appeal(s)] and ‘effective' at polling day the next State election.

*The relevant date is a date specified in an order as the relevant date, being a date falling not earlier than six months before the date of the order (Constitution Act 1934 (SA) Section 77).