The Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission was established to review and carry out periodic redistributions of the boundaries of South Australia’s House of Assembly electoral districts


Document list
Exhibit 1

Copy page number 2867 of South Australian Government Gazette of 26 July 2019 giving notice of the appointment of the Chairman of the Commission

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Exhibit 2A

Copy of advertisement giving notice of preliminary public hearing of the Commission

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Exhibit 2B

A list of newspapers in which the advertisement referred to as Exhibit 2A was published 

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Exhibit 3

Brochure of the South Australian Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission 2019 explaining the composition, role and function of the Commission, criteria for redistribution and other matters

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Exhibit 4

Report entitled “Election Statistics 2018 South Australian State Election” prepared by the Electoral Commission of South Australia and tabled in Parliament on Wednesday 31 July 2019

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Exhibit 5

Extracts from Hansard together with summary page entitled “Legislative Council – Constitution (One Vote One Value) Amendment Bill”

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Exhibit 6A

Notice of hearing to address demographic data and to invite written representations on boundary proposals

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Exhibit 6B

List of newspapers in which the notice was published

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Exhibit 7

Document setting out two party preferred pendulum, swing-to-lose figures for the State election 2018

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Exhibit 8

Document containing comparison of 2018 actual enrolments versus 2016 projections, dated January 2020

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Exhibit 9

Report of Methodology for developing 2018 voter age population projections, dated January 2020

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Exhibit 10

Curriculum Vitae of Christopher Ian Rudd

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