The Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission was established to review and carry out periodic redistributions of the boundaries of South Australia’s House of Assembly electoral districts


All documents that are tendered as exhibits during the Electoral District Boundaries Commission hearings are available below.

Title Description Download
Exhibit No 1
 958.14 KB
Page from South Australian Government Gazette 4 August 2005 giving notice of appointment of the Chairman of the Commission. Download
Exhibit No 2
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Copy of correspondence between the Chairman and the Attorney-General as to the constitutional validity of the appointment of a judge as Chairman. Download
Exhibit No 3
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Notice of the public hearing of the Commission and list of newspapers in which it was published. Download
Exhibit No 4
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Brochure explaining the composition, role and function of the Commission, criteria for redistribution and other matters. Download
Exhibit No 5
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Report titled House of Assembly Elections Data: District and State-wide summary figures dated 24 May 2006 prepared by the Deputy Electoral Commissioner and Research Officer, D Gully, as to the last House of Assembly election. Download
Exhibit No 6
 17.54 KB
Sheet setting out projected enrolments versus actual with quota comparisons dated 30 May 2006 prepared by D. Gully. Download
Exhibit No 7
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Report titled 'Population and Developement Trends in South Australia' I McQueen, Strategic Advisor, Development Research, Spatial Planning Analysis and Planning SA and other officers of his department. Download
Exhibit No 8
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CVs of I McQueen and other officers of his department. Download
Exhibit No 9a
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Map titled 'Residential Development Activity - Northern Metropolitan Adelaide area'. Download
Exhibit No 9b
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Map titled 'Residential Development Activity - Central Metropolitan Adelaide area'. Download